3 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

Summer is heating up, literally and figuratively speaking. Are you looking for some ways to stay cool? We’ve put together a few tips for you.

Get wet

Probably the most popular way to stay cool is to enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool. There are many options though, even if you don’t have your own pool. There are sprinklers, water guns, beaches and dependant on your community a large number of local splash pads and public pools. Remember, when packing your little ones for the splash pad, it’s important to bring along some water shoes. It will prevent them from hurting their feet on any foreign objects or debris that may be present. For a great list of outdoor swimming options and splash pads, you can check here. You may also want to check out these safety tips.

Stay inside

Sometimes it gets a little too hot outside, and it may be a better idea to stay inside and enjoy some cool air, courtesy of your air conditioner. You’ll want to be sure that you regularly maintain your air conditioner to keep it running up to its optimal potential all season long. Firstly, you should consider replacing your AC’s filters every 30 days. A great piece of advice is to turn your thermostat up, instead of turning the system off, while you’re away. Built up heat will force your air conditioner to work harder, and burn out quicker. Lastly, clean debris around your outdoor A/C unit regularly and use a garden hose to wash off the condenser unit’s coils.


Nothing beats a cool summer treat – and making them at home is even better. They are an easy, inexpensive way to cool down on a sunny afternoon. For some suggestions and recipes to help you make popsicles your family will love, visit here.

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