6 Tips to Get Organized For Back to School

The new school year is almost here and it’s time to embrace a new routine. We’ve put together 6 tips to help your family get organized.

Create Mini Mailboxes 

Set up a mailbox for each family member so that they can keep paperwork that needs to be completed, signed and returned to school. This will help everyone stay organized, cut back on missing assignments and keep things moving in the morning.

Create a Homework Station

Homework time can be a battle if you are constantly looking for supplies and finding a place to get organized. Create a designated workstation to store all the supplies they’ll need throughout the school year. The kids will love having their own space to get their work done.

Get on Schedule Early

Get the family started on the new schedule soon! You can start by reducing television time and replacing that time with puzzles or reading. Consider setting an early bedtime in advance as well. Getting the kids to embrace the new schedule before school starts will help them adjust once the school year has arrived – and this will help them excel during classroom time!  

Embrace a Chore Board

Create a fun chore board for the family to use to keep track of daily tasks and to-dos. Get some dry erase boards, some markers and some fun magnets to get you started. You can use the board to keep track of homework and appointments, too!  

Make Freezer Breakfasts

Make sure to show some love to the most important meal of the day! You can make sure the little ones are getting the nutrients they need by preparing some freezer breakfasts ahead of time. Give one for these freezer breakfast recipes a try before the school year starts to see if it’s a hit! 

Make Freezer Dinners

The start of the school year can be very hectic on kids and parents. Adjusting to the new schedule is tough on everyone. Freezing some meals for dinner ahead of time will ensure the family stays on schedule, enjoys quality time together and will reduce the likelihood of getting takeout! Here are 20 freezer meal recipes to choose from. 

Discuss Road Safety

Take the opportunity to discuss road safety with your kids. Learning these habits at an early age is very important – and it doesn’t hurt to remind the older kids as well! You can show them this fun video about road safety for children to get the conversation started.

Finding ways to work as a family is so important – especially when starting a brand new school year. What are some of your go-to organization tips for a new school year? Tell us, we would love to hear them!