Brookfield’s Top 5 Tips for New Home Buyers

Buying a home will likely be the single biggest financial decision you’ll make in your life. If you’ve done your research you’ll be more than ready to take that final step to becoming a homeowner.

Here are 5 tips that every new homeowner should know:

1. Determine what you can afford.

After you’ve decided what type of home fits your and your family’s lifestyle, look to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This will help you narrow your search further by looking in your price range. For more information on new home financing, visit the Canadian Bankers Association at or call them (toll-free) at 1-800-263-0231.

2. Choose a home that fits your lifestyle.

You want what’s best for you and your family, so you must first examine what your priorities are. Do you want to live near schools or restaurants? Are you active? Do you want to be close to a park or gym? Consider the size of your family and the number of bedrooms you will need. Understanding how a home can allow you to live your life to the fullest is a great way to narrow down your search.

3. Shop around.

When you’re purchasing the home of your dreams, shop around. There are so many variables so don’t feel like you need to make a decision quickly. Be patient and understand the process. The more homes you see, the more sound you’ll be with your final decision.

4. Hire a Solicitor.

Hiring a solicitor early on will make the new home buying process less stressful.  Have your solicitor review your contract so you are well informed of the contract you entered.  

5. Understand the deposit structure and prepare.

Make sure you know how and when you’ll be making your deposits. Go prepared with a first deposit in hand when purchasing your new home as well as personal identification.  

If you’re looking to begin the home buying experience, take a look at our ‘Communities’ section and choose a home that fits your lifestyle. We will be introducing some new communities this year including Fox Trail in Uxbridge and Willow Glen in Tottenham, as well as The Arbors in Aurora coming this February.