Easy & Inexpensive Summer Decor Updates

Summer is in the air, and your home feels different for it. Windows open as the warm summer breeze blows into your family room. Kids linger by open doors. The blinds are pulled to better appreciate all the blossoming trees and colours in your yard and the neighbourhood. And the new season inspires you to host gatherings in your home, whether it’s an evening glass of wine with a few neighbours on your front porch or an incredible backyard bash.

There’s something nice about having our homes reflect the changing seasons. Our home is our base, our retreat after a day of work, school, commuting, and being out and about. It should feel comforting, inspiring, and welcoming. Little updates throughout the year optimize this and keep our homes feeling fresh. Even better, little changes can make a big impact.

In the wintertime, we get cozy with wool blankets, candles, and fires in the fireplace. For summer, we love to brighten and lighten things up. Here are 5 fun and easy ways:

Bring the outdoors in
Wild flowers, ferns, branches of berries, pussy willows – the possibilities are endless. Bring the beautiful bounties of nature into your home to add lightness and freshness. Bonus: you’ll have to go exploring to find them.

Add bursts of colour
We just can’t get enough of summer’s gorgeous hues. Accentuate your home with pops of colour – bright dish towels in the kitchen, the kids’ latest artwork on the fridge, colourful books and coasters on your coffee table, and a summer duvet on your bed.

Lighten up
Don’t let the heavy remnants of winter linger. Pack up and store anything that you won’t need again until next year: heavier jackets, boots, and anything else that can be cleared away. You may even consider rearranging your furniture to better optimize the layout of your rooms – sometimes a small tweak can provide a whole new feeling of spaciousness. Another great way to lighten up is to remove any area carpets and rugs.

Refresh your bathroom
Turn your bathroom into a tropical retreat to suit the season. All it takes is some scented candles, a bouquet of flowers, and maybe a fun new shower curtain. A few inexpensive updates and your bathroom will feel just as fresh and summery as the rest of your home.

Treasure summer memories
Decorating is fun when it involves meaningful items you’ve kept and collected over the years. Displaying personal treasures in your home can give it so much personality. How can you turn some of this summer’s plans and memories into mementos? Whether it’s creating a fun photo display, pouring sand and seashells into pretty jars, or something of your own creation, it’s sure to be a memorable project as well as keepsake.

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