Enter Our Father's Day Sweepstakes

At one point or another, we can all recall a time when our fathers stepped in to help or guide us along. Maybe they taught us how to tie our shoes. Maybe they taught us to drive. Whatever it was, one thing is certain: we have all learned a lot from dad.

In celebration of this special day, Brookfield Residential is holding a special sweepstakes on our Facebook page!

Entering is easy: click here and tell us about the most important thing your dad has ever taught you. Come Monday, June 10, one lucky participant will be randomly selected, announced on and awarded a $100 Hockley Valley Resort gift certificate.

However, more than winning, this is about honouring one of the most important men in your life. Just read some of the entries we’ve received so far:

“My father taught me the value of family, hard work as well as love, integrity and respect for myself as well as others. My father was a loving and caring man with so many wonderful qualities and a fantastic sense of humor!”

“My father taught me to live / lead by example.”

“My father raised 6 kids by himself after my mom passed away, ages 8-16 years old. He has taught me perseverance and that family is very important to help you get through life's obstacles!”

We look forward to reading your comments!