Forward Thinking: Innovating the Home

The future is more connected and tech-focused than ever, and innovations in the home are some of the most exciting and useful applications of the new technology influencing our lives. Smart home technology puts customers first and helps homeowners enjoy more comfortable, convenient, and connected lives.

With the increasing pervasiveness of technology in our lives changing how we go about our daily lives, it was only a matter of time before smart technology came home.

Technology is now shaping our homes in previously unimagined ways. As homes are upgrading to technology-based systems, they are becoming “smart” just as cell phones have now become smartphones. Smart homes are redefining the way we live and are making home – the one place that matters most – feel surprisingly intuitive. Smart technology is now letting homeowners customize their homes to meet their unique habits and lifestyle. Home automation lets you easily control indoor and outdoor lighting, heating, air conditioning, window shades, media and home entertainment, locks and home security systems, and even your garage door – all with the touch of a button, or just your own voice. Our children are growing up with smart assistants and voice control features, building a future that will be more connected than ever before.

The benefits are widespread and impressive. Smart home technology gives homeowners unprecedented control, safety, and ease. It allows homeowners to automate the functions of their home so that it’s more efficient and comfortable than ever before – not to mention more environmentally-friendly and easier on the wallet due to the cost- and energy-saving benefits.

Smart home technology is also continuously improving, becoming more user-friendly and easier for the whole family to learn and use. It’s adaptable, convenient, and lets you schedule reminders so that it performs seamlessly without your constant interaction.

At Brookfield Residential, we’re committed to driving innovation in each of our new home communities, and we pride ourselves on having a culture of innovation. We understand the need to evolve to meet the growing demands of our customers. As part of our commitment to creating the best places to call home, we place a great deal of time and energy on innovating the home so that it will better fit your lifestyle. Stay tuned for plenty more new home technology being put into our new homes in the near future.

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