Get Your Children Ready For Back To School

The long slow days of summer are winding down, and all of a sudden fall is just around the corner. Whether you’ve got preschoolers ready to head off to school for the first time or older kids gearing up for the familiar back-to-school bustle
this time of year is always a busy and exciting one. Avoid the last minute flurry of back-to-school activity with these smart planning tips.

Get Organized

A bit of planning and organization now can mean a big payoff later. Our favourite organization hack is deceivingly simple and surprisingly helpful: the family calendar. With multiple schedules in every family of school and work commitments, sports, lessons, activities and events, nothing creates calm and order like a central family calendar. We love doing this with an online, shareable Google Calendar, so that the entire family can see it, even on the go.

Re-establish Routines

Long summer days often turn into late summer nights, but soon you’ll want to get your youngsters back on a more regular schedule. Start bumping up bedtimegradually and waking up your kids earlier as well, so that September’s early morning alarm clocks won’t be as much of a shock. 

esides a bedtime schedule, setting out other routines for the school year now will help prepare your children and ease the transition. Consider having your children lay out their clothes for school the night before, establishing a regular place and time for homework to be done, and creating a routine allowing your children to help pack their lunch bags. Having regular routines in place will allow kids to hit the ground running come September.


Plan Before You Shop

Back-to-school sales are in full force, but does your child really need a new wardrobe? Take time to assess your children’s needs and wardrobes, and supplement them with a few new items as needed. Similarly, take inventory of last year’s school supplies to see what can be reused. You can ask your child’s school for a classroom supply list before doing any shopping. While you’re at it, go grocery shopping for school lunches – and make sure to take your children with you, to make the selection of both tasty and healthy lunch choices a family activity.

Prepare Your Children

For children heading to a new school or to school for the first time, certain preparations can help ease any butterflies. For starters, make sure your child knows how they will be getting to (and home from) school, and if they’ll be walking, help them learn the route beforehand and note the needed time. The first day of school is also a good day to walk with your children to school.

For toddlers heading off to preschool, having pre-established routines at home – including morning and bedtime routines, meals, chores, etc. – can ease their transition to the structure of a preschool setting. Visiting the school ahead of time, if possible, and explaining what will happen at preschool (like playing games, learning new things and having story time) can also help little ones feel comfortable and safe on their first day of school. For kids of any age who are anxious about heading back to school, remind them that it’s perfectly normal to

be a bit nervous, and that soon it will be an everyday routine. Talk to your children about their concerns and fears, and offer reassurances. And remember: if you’re excited about the back-to-school season, chances are your little ones will be as well.

We wish you a safe and happy back-to-school season!

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