How to Enhance Your Patio's Decor

Can you think of anything more relaxing than enjoying an evening on your patio with loved ones? Neither can we.

Since we all try and spend so much time outside during the summer (often with guests and friends), it’s important to have a décor style that helps enjoy the season to the fullest. Keeping the following tips in mind will help you achieve this.


It seems obvious, but most furniture pieces sacrifice comfort for looks. Make sure you can comfortably spend a long time on your patio chairs (all-weather wicker is a foolproof option). Add plenty of side and coffee tables for everyone to place their drinks and plates on without reaching too far. Also important is the lighting factor; besides helping to create the perfect mood, it actually enhances comfort, provided it’s neither too harsh nor too dim. Not surprisingly, candles go a long way in creating a great ambiance — just make sure not to leave them unattended.


Bursts of colour are always appreciated, and they don’t always have to come from your flowers. Choose a neutral palette for your furniture but add colourful accessories like cushions and shades. Turquoise, orange, lime green and yellow are all great options.

Exotic Inspiration

In the spirit of keeping things interesting, why not bring the tone of your favourite vacation spot to your patio? Themes revolving around destinations are always a big hit. Perhaps a French theme or a Havana-inspired look? Destination type themes are fun because of the different possibilities you can play off of. Again, this can be achieved through accessories. For example, if a tropical theme is chosen, scatter accessories like sea shells around the patio, line up some tiki torches, and add a few plants like orchids or lucky bamboo.

Bonus Tip: Bring the Indoors Outdoors

Why not bring a crystal chandelier over your table? It doesn’t even have to require hot-wiring fixtures if you use battery-operated twinkle lights or candles. We promise these few things will go a long way to enhancing your patio’s décor.

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