How to Sell Your Home Before Moving Up

Having sold homes in Ontario since 1956, we’re privileged to have many current Brookfield homeowners move into new Brookfield homes. Indeed, there are even cases when the children of Brookfield homeowners have grown-up to become Brookfield homeowners themselves. 

So if you’re thinking about selling your home and moving into a new Brookfield Residential community, read on for tips on how to prepare your home for the process.

The first impression is everything to homebuyers, so try to correct all of the wrongs, cosmetically and functionally, before you start the selling process. Be critical of your home as if you are the one looking to buy it and don’t forget the small details, like painting the walls a neutral colour if they are currently bright . Also, clear any clutter or personal items so that homebuyers have a clean slate to imagine their potential future.

  • What to focus on

If you have the time and budget you would ideally like to focus on the entire house, but there are rooms that should take priority. Put yourself in the homebuyers’ shoes and think about the first time they will step through the doorway into your home. This is where many will base their first impressions. The next priority is the living room as it generally shows whether the home is traditional or contemporary. Next comes the kitchen, where they will spend much time entertaining friends and family. The final priority should be the master bedroom, since this is where homeowners relax and embrace comfort. 

  • Staging Your Home

Having established which rooms have priority, you can now make your home move-in ready. Remove the clutter and personal items and add accessories that will compliment your everyday décor and will have potential buyers visualizing what life would be like in your home. Move your furniture around to use the space given, and make sure there is appropriate lighting to show off the features and functions of each room. If your home is open-concept, provide defined spaces so that homebuyers can grasp the layout and make use of it in their own way. 

  • Curb Appeal. Don’t Forget the Exterior!

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” rarely applies to homebuyers. Remember that the initial impression will come from the exterior of your home. Fashion your exteriors to be attractive, welcoming and most importantly clean (adding planters along the steps will help, as will hanging a wreath on the door and cutting the grass). 

Follow these tips and you’ll likely have an easier time selling your home. Now we want to hear from you — which tips did you follow when selling your home?