How to Throw an Incredible Backyard Summer Party

The weather is nice and it’s the perfect time of year to host a backyard party. Have a birthday coming up, a graduation, or just a free Saturday night? Any excuse will do, so give your friends or family members a call and pick a date. Here are our top 4 favourite focus areas to get you started:

1. The Theme: Setting the Scene
Choosing a theme is a fun way to make your party more memorable and entertaining. You might like to host a tropical fiesta, an afternoon tea party, or an elegant cocktail soiree. Colours, decorations, food, lighting and more can all contribute to your theme.

2. The Food: Barbecue and Beyond
Nothing says backyard summer party quite like the smell of the barbecue. You can make almost any food more delicious on the BBQ, from traditional steaks and burgers to all kinds of vegetables, from peppers and eggplant to zucchini and corn on the cob. If you’ve tried grilling food in aluminum foil packets, you know that the possibilities of what you can make on the barbecue are truly endless – check out this list of 50 things to grill in foil (complete with instructions) for inspiration.

When it comes to summer gatherings, a cheese or charcuterie plate is also a great option. Guests can pick and choose what they like and sample a variety of delicious flavours. Just put meats or cheeses, olives or pickles, some fresh or dried fruit such as grapes or figs, and perhaps some pate out on a platter or cutting board with crackers and bread, and you’re all set.

3. The Drinks: Summer Refreshers
A pitcher of something homemade and shareable always goes over well at an outdoor party. Iced tea is a favourite (here are six rules for the best iced tea, plus a bunch of flavour variations), or a watermelon refresher or fruity lemonade, which can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. For adults, try a summer cocktail or a classic pitcher of sangria.

4. The Ambiance: Setting the Mood
Set the stage for cozy conversations by creating nooks with chairs around comfortable tables with snacks on them. These will invite guests to relax and chat with each other. If your party extends past dark, backyard torches, candles or string lights can add a warm glow. Music is also a nice touch. Most of all, have fun entertaining your friends and family – the best atmosphere comes from being surrounded by love and laughter.

It’s nearly the official beginning of summer and we hope you’re inspired to celebrate the season. Join us on the Brookfield Residential Facebook page and share your favourite ideas and tips for hosting a backyard party – we’d love to hear them!