IKEA Hacks

IKEA is a great source for affordable furniture and home décor, and for many in Ontario it has become a staple for both interior decorating and everyday home items. What makes it so popular – its basic and convenient offerings, its clever designs, and its accessibility – is exactly what allows people to get creative with it. With some inventive DIYs, you can customize an already great thing by making it unique and perfect for your individual style and space. Here are some DIY ideas to make the most of your IKEA items.

Upgrade Your Furniture’s Legs

Image via prettypegs.com

While we love the modern, streamlined aesthetic that IKEA furniture offers, often a small change can go a long way in customizing a piece of furniture to the style and aesthetic of your home. One of the easiest ways to do this is by updating your furniture with a unique set of furniture legs. Visit Prettypegs for a fun selection of mid-century inspired furniture legs, many of which are fitted specifically for IKEA furniture.

Repurpose Everyday Items

Image via housebeautiful.com

Create a chic “landing spot” near your front door to collect everyday items, including mail, notes, knick knacks and electronics. Repurpose some IKEA magazine holders by affixing them underneath a shelf to create a funky-looking floating effect, and organizing bits and pieces will feel more stylish than ever. You can paint the folders to match your space, or opt for ones with a funky pattern.

Combine Items for a Dramatic Effect

Image via housebeautiful.com

IKEA’s AVSKILD cork place mats are incredibly inexpensive, at just $6 for a 4-pack. Put a few together and you can custom fit your own unique cork board. Mount them on a painted piece of plywood, or join them together using thin painted strips of wood. You can also use IKEA picture frames and a roll of cork to do this craft – find an easy DIY tutorial here that includes customizing the cork board with funky paint.

Upgrade the Handles

Image via www.hawthorneandmain.com

Like customizing your IKEA furniture with new legs, adding new handles can transform an everyday item from “ho-hum” to “wow!” This simple pine dresser (available on IKEA for $49) got a beautiful upgrade with some simple paint, new legs (as above) and beautiful new handles. Click here for directions.

Think Creatively

Image via housebeautiful.com

With a bit of imagination, an IKEA Borrby lantern (available here in white or black) can be transformed into a homemade terrarium. This is a fun craft that kids will enjoy, too. Fill the lantern with potting soil, gravel and plants for a bright and beautiful pop of green in your home.

There you have it: easy tips and tricks to make IKEA items uniquely your own. Another great tip is to check out IKEA’s Share Space, and to get inspired by what other IKEA shoppers have done with their purchases.