Let’s Get Festive! Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are always an exciting time filled with warmth and cheer. Getting together with family and friends to celebrate the season, share stories around the dinner table, and exchange gifts makes it a truly magical time, especially if you have little ones. However, as parents can attest, the season can also be a stressful time that requires a lot of preparation. You may have family coming to visit, or plans to host a dinner or cocktail party at your home. Get organized and energized with our tips on how to prepare your home for the holidays. Then enjoy this joyous season without a worry in sight!

Conduct a Home Tidying Session
Investing some time now into tidying your home will make the upcoming holiday season less stressful, with one less thing to worry about. Sort, store, recycle and/or donate items that are clogging up common spaces – newspapers, magazines, toys, shoes, extra coats and clutter in the coat closet, and any miscellaneous piles of mail or junk that may have accumulated at your entryway, kitchen table or on your kitchen countertop. You’ll also likely be doing overtime in the kitchen pretty soon, preparing holiday feasts and baked goods, so consider doing a tidying of your kitchen as well – clear out cabinets and your fridge of outdated items, and re-stock any missing kitchen staples.

Do a Deep Clean
With the tidying complete, your next step on the way to a holiday-ready home is to do some serious cleaning. Do you have stains on any furniture or carpets that need cleaning, perhaps professional cleaning? Could the windows use a wash? How about the inside of your microwave? Go beyond your regular weekly cleaning checklist, and really look at your home to find areas that may need some extra love. Put in a bit of time this weekend to get your home all spruced up and sparkling for the holidays. (Hopefully you’ve already gotten your home ready for fall, which included testing your home’s safety devices.)

Check Your List: Entertaining Essentials
If you’re entertaining this holiday season, depending on the type of event you’re hosting you may need table décor (we love a good centerpiece), kitchen ware, glasses, serving dishes and utensils, table linens and adequate seating/chairs. Take an assessment of what you have and what you’ll need. For items you already have, make sure they’re polished and ready to go, knives sharpened and so on. If you’re missing anything, figure out whether you can borrow items from friends or family members rather than having to buy them new. If you do need to hit the shopping mall, go now to avoid the chaos of December shopping and to guarantee a better selection.

Deck the Halls
Now for the fun part – decorating! Keep things fresh and simple by focusing on festive natural materials that can be artfully displayed, such as pinecones, branches, fruit and dried flowers. Warm lighting and candles can add warmth and softness. Kids’ crafts and artwork are also a fun way to add cheer to your home – here are some great holiday crafts that your kids will love. Don’t forget outdoor décor! Spruce up your front door with a wreath and hang strings of light and boughs of holly or pine for a truly merry home.

How do you get your home ready for the holidays? Please join us on the Brookfield Residential Facebook page – we would love to hear your ideas!