Meet the Brookfield Residential Referral Program

We’ve said it before — more than a new home builder, we see ourselves as a community builder too, one that makes dreams real for families across Ontario.

Having great neighbours is part of most families’ idea of a happy home. It may not rank on the top of the list, but who doesn’t like neighbours who are friendly and warm — neighbours you can trust to look after your home while you’re gone, or lend you a hand whenever you need it?

Enter the Brookfield Residential Referral Program

One of the most effective ways to surround yourself with great neighbours is to simply turn your friends into neighbours. This is why we have a Homeowner Referral Program that rewards you for doing precisely that.

Using our program is very simple: if you’re a current Brookfield homeowner, all you have to do is get your Referral form from your sales representative (easier sill, you can just find it here ).

Next, fill out the form and send it to your friend, who would in turn need to mention to our sales staff that you referred them.

Once your friend purchases a Brookfield Home, they will get bonus upgrades to use towards their new home, while you get $500 cash.

Best of all, you’ll then live close to someone you already know and like. (Of course, the program works even if your friend moves to a different Brookfield community.)

View the Referral Form and send it to your friends on Facebook today — you never know when they’ll need it!

Disclaimer:  Please note your friend would need to mention they have been referred by you at the time of sale, as the Referral Program can’t be processed after.