Must-Try Recipes For Your Next BBQ

Summer fun is here and grill season is in full-effect. Whether you’re planning an elaborate get-together or simple family BBQ, take a break from the ordinary burger and sausage menu and try one of the unique recipes below.

Appetizers and sides

Not everything at your BBQ needs to be cooked on the grill. Why not begin the meal with a delicious pasta salad? Try Pizza Pasta, a salad with all the flavours of a delicious pizza tossed into a pasta salad, or a more traditional Margherita Pasta Salad. Both are guaranteed to get friends and family ready for their main course.

For a tasty side – or appetizer – try some delectable roasted corn. There are plenty of variations to try so there’s no excuse to eat plain corn!


This season, it’s all about the endless skewer combinations, such as marinated lemon chicken with lemon infused yogurt, Hawaiian ham and pineapple, grilled glazed beef, or a medley of seasonal vegetable skewers. Paired with salad and rice, they make for a perfect summer dish. If you’re looking for an original twist on a classic, try a homemade pizza cooked right on the grill. Here are a few recipes to try out. For those of you who love fish, you may want to try this tasty recipe for grilled salmon with fresh mango salsa.


Nothing completes a summer meal – or starts a summer night – better than a yummy grilled dessert. Try some juicy, caramelized peaches sweetened up with a spoonful of creamy yogurt and a drizzle of raw honey, or some scrumptious grilled watermelon topped with crème fraiche for added taste and flair.

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