Reaching Out to You via Facebook

Few things beat the feeling of receiving a great gift. A fun, yet useful gift, one that serves as a token of appreciation from someone who wants you and your loved ones to be happy.

This week, one of our Facebook fans experienced this fantastic feeling when we gave him a free iPad. All he had to do to win was post an image of his favourite room in his Brookfield home — in this case, a nursery for his and his wife’s newborn.

From our family to yours

As we said in our previous post, our corporate Facebook page is one of the ways in which we reach out to you.

“Liking” this page takes only a second, yet provides you with a wealth of timely updates and special info about our communities.

More importantly, it gives you the opportunity to ask questions not just to us, but also to the very people who may end up playing an important role in your life — your neighbours and fellow community members.

Our page offers you:

  • Access to a community of over 700 fans
  • The latest updates, so you’re among the first to know what’s happening with the community of your choice
  • Décor and home maintenance tips that will make your Brookfield Home shine
  • Fun sweepstakes and contests with prizes like a free iPad or tickets to exciting local events
  • Images of our model homes showcasing our great architecture and floor plans
  • And much more.

A close-knit community

Like you, we value the comfort and sense of togetherness provided by a close-knit community. Our page embodies our mantra “from our family to yours,” so it provides all our fans with this sense of community.

Visit our Facebook page now and click the Like button. Like-minded people await you, plus who knows — you might be the winner of one of our upcoming sweepstakes.