Spring Decor Tips

Are you looking forward to decorating your Brookfield Home? 

If you’re a Brookfield homeowner, you already have all of the features and finishes that you’ve ever dreamed of, thanks to our Inspiration Studio — plus you even have some inspiration from our previous blog post, top décor tips of 2013

Now, as the flowers begin to bloom and the grass turns green, it’s time to add some spring elements to your beautiful home. And of course, we have a few tips to help you do just that:

The Spring Clean Out

A great way to get your décor project started is by spring-cleaning, refreshing it from the past few months of cold weather. Put the fall and winter items back in storage and start decorating on a clean slate.

Add Textures

Geometric prints have become one of the top trends this year. Adding colourful and fun new pillows to your living room set (or change the pillow cases on your existing one) will quickly transform the look of your décor. Some go-to patterns include hexagons, diamonds, stripes, and chevron. Mix these in with some of the top colours for Spring 2013 and your interiors will look designer-crafted. 

Bright Blooms

?Photo credit: jacki-dee / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Bringing floral touches into your home is a sure way to brighten your interiors. That said, you can do more than just adding fresh cut flowers, incorporating flower-power textiles or accessories like wall art pieces or floral printed tablecloths will bring instant energy. 

Be Natural 

Keeping your décor soft and neutral is a great alternative if the bright colour trends of 2013 do not suit your taste. Use neutrals to instantly open up your space and add pieces with natural textures such as this coffee table  — the perfect addition to your spring theme. 

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