Three Ways To Get Your House Ready For Halloween

It’s that time of year again – costumes, candy and screams. Halloween season is upon us and you’re probably looking for some ideas to help your home turn up the spooky factor. Whether you’re hosting a big party or just handing out yummy treats to little ghouls and goblins here are three things to help get you in the spooky spirit.

Pumpkins – The Staple of the Season

Let’s face it; pumpkins are the most recognizable symbol of the season. The lack of a pumpkin is enough to make a youngster assume you’re not celebrating Halloween at all. Whether from your local grocery store, or pumpkin patch, pumpkins of all shapes and sizes are available now. How will you decorate it? Well that depends on the bounds of your creativity. From portraits to just plain smiley faces, a pumpkin is the ultimate blank canvas. Here is a great list of ideas to help you choose the perfect design for your jack-o-lantern.

Scare Them from the Sidewalk

It’s all about the presentation. The way that you choose to decorate the outside of your home –including your lawn and walkway – can make the difference between a decorated house and an epic experience that children (and parents) will continue to talk about next Halloween. Whether you use spooky signs, creepy tombstones, lights/music or just a lot of spider webs, the choice is yours. Here is a list of creative ideas to help you in the planning of your outdoor scare-fest.

Spooky from the Inside Out

Planning a big party? Decorations shouldn’t just stop when guests walk in the door. Spider webs on the wall/chandelier, critter cut-outs on the stairs, cauldrons in the living room and creepy lighting can all help give your house the right amount of “horror” to keep your guests raving. Here are some interiors décor ideas you may want to consider.

Remember, while you’re out and about this Halloween be safe and watch out for trick or treaters. How are you planning on getting your home ready for Halloween? Tweet us and let us know!