Tips On Throwing An Amazing Housewarming Party

Moving into a new home may seem like a long process — one that involves a series of formal steps like registering and negotiating your mortgage. Other steps are definitely more fun, like going to the preview opening or choosing your home’s features and finishes. At the end of it all awaits one of the most fun steps — one where you get to show your friends and relatives just how beautiful your new Brookfield home is.

Throwing an amazing housewarming party

Throwing a housewarming party is more than the perfect way to introduce your home to friends and family — it’s also a great opportunity to meet your new neighbours.

Follow the steps below, and you’ll be sure to delight all your guests.

  • Send Great Invitations. To start, make sure you give good driving directions on your invitations — this is, after all, the first time many of your family and friends are visiting your new home. Also, set the tone on your invitation, whether it will be a casual gathering where people can just drop by, or you would like for your guests to RSVP for the event. (Evite is a popular option that allows you to send and track online invitations.)

Bonus tip: If your guests respond and ask what they should bring, a polite answer of “all we need are friends and family” will keep the atmosphere light and casual.

  • Match the food to the home. A good rule of thumb is to suit the style or features of your new home. For example, if you are proud to show off your great backyard, an outdoor barbeque might be best. Love your new kitchen like the ones at Fieldstone with their Panorama View Window? Try a casual brunch instead. Just remember, your guests know how busy you’ve been, so they won’t expect a lavish four-course dinner. Keep it simple and fun.

  • Introduce Your Guests to One Another. If your guests don’t all know each other, ice-breaker games can be a great way to help introduce people. It can be as simple as asking each person to introduce themselves to everybody else and to share something about themselves that the rest doesn’t know about. This brings us to the next point…
  • Keep it fun. Entertainment is a great way to help your guests mingle with one another. Set up simple board games, karaoke, or picture booths, and encourage guests to snap pictures and share them with you on social media. (Feel free to post to our Facebook page.) Another entertainment option is to set up a fun give-away game where your guests can win a prize.
  • Don’t expect gifts. Many people will likely bring them, but they are really not required. That said, it’s a good idea to refrain from opening the gifts you do get— it would only make those who show up empty-handed uncomfortable.
  • Prepare the tour in advance. A house tour is a good way to kick off your housewarming, since all of your guests are there to see you in your new home. (Do plan on giving a couple of tours as guests will likely not show up at the same time.) Keep it brief and fun by giving everyone a floor plan with labels on each room with the name, purpose and any other interesting details that you would like them to notice, such as a Brookfield exclusive feature or finish, a piece of art on the wall, or even a funny story about your move-in.

As an alternative, allow your guests to give self-guided tours — just provide them with a more detailed version of the floor plans.

Attending a Housewarming?

If you are on the other end of the spectrum and have been invited to attend a housewarming party, remember to be friendly and social. Want to get the new homeowner a housewarming gift? Take a cue from our Facebook fan, Sharon G., who offers great tips on what to buy new homeowners:

“A gift certificate to Botanix, Home Depot, Rona, Home Hardware or Lowes so that the new home owner can purchase new items, or gardening tools like shovels, shrubs, hanging baskets, planters and bulbs. Little things like that can add up and this way you can give the new home owner a chance to get the little things that they need, when they need them.”

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