Tips on Working from Home and Finding the Best Design For Your Needs

Do you work from home?

If the answer is yes, you may be frustrated with your current living arrangements, and you likely wish you had a room to yourself where you were free to concentrate on your work.

However, there are ways for you to make the most of your situation.

Working casually in the living room may work some of the time, but it’s best to have a dedicated work space.

How to work from home and be productive

Working from your own home presents many advantages — no meetings to attend, no long commutes to work, and the ability to dictate your own hours.

But with these advantages also come a few challenges. For example, you may wish you had more peace and quiet, in order to better focus on your projects. Or you may find it’s all too easy to get sidetracked and begin cooking, running errands or, worse still, watching TV.

The following three tips will help you get more done, on time, even when you work from home

  • Set boundaries. It’s important for everyone in the family (and you) to know that after a certain time of the day (for example, 8 am), you might as well be in the office. That means your kids and better half should only interrupt you about important matters. Don’t be afraid to lock the door in whatever room you’re working in, and wear earplugs if necessary.
  • Wear business attire. While wearing pyjamas or casual clothes has been described as one of the advantages of working from home, we recommend you wear the same clothes you would wear if you were going to the office. This will help you put yourself in the appropriate frame of mind, and serve as a reminder that it’s now time to get some work done.
  • Have a dedicated studio or office space. This may not always be possible; if that’s the case, consider using a screen to separate your work space, even if it’s just visually.

The best home for your needs

The Chancellor is one of our new townhomes designed for the needs of those who work from home, or for those who have relatives staying over for an extended time. View the floorplan here.

If you’re not in the market for a new home, the rules above will help you be more productive.

And if you are shopping for a new home, you have likely realized already that most homes today are not designed with your needs in mind.

But there are always exceptions, and we are proud to be among them.

Last Saturday, our Pathways community in Caledon East released the new Lifestyle Collection of unique mixed-use townhome designs. These unique townhomes allow you to work from home, have a separate apartment suite for extended family, or use the extra space in whichever way serves you best, thanks to features like a street-level suite with separate entrance and walk-out to a large entertainment deck.

What’s more, they also include elegant exteriors with landscaping packages, open-concept plans with 9' ceilings on the main floor, and a bonus package consisting of free A/C and sleek stainless steel appliances.

Click here to view these designs, or drop by Pathways (our sales reps are now located inside the Crystal model home) at 34 Atchison Dr. in Caledon East.