Top 2013 Decor Trends

At Brookfield Residential, we believe in presenting you with a home that you can truly and proudly call your own.

Being able to choose the features and finishes you like plays a big part in allowing you to feel at home right away. That’s why we’ve gone to every length at our Inspiration Studio to ensure you get the ability to personalize your home.

However, before you create your design profile, choose your upgrades and book an appointment, it might be a good idea to search online for inspiration. Luckily, this year promises to set great décor trends. They include:

  • Warm kitchens. The trends is to ignore the slick, cold kitchens of the past, going instead for a warm homey feeling that will seem more natural on Sunday mornings when you have pancakes with the kids. Quartz is expected to overtake granite in popularity, thanks to its no-maintenance finish, while the visual interest and texture of glass-and-stone tile mosaic backsplashes is expected increase in popularity. 
  • Brass. Thanks to its understated elegance and chameleonic ability to blend with either dark or light colours, brass is definitely a trend to watch for in 2013. You can use it in frames, lamps and ornaments. 

  • Neutral rooms. They were never out of style, but their versatility and understated elegance should help them become even more popular this year. Pops of brilliant colour throughout will help change the mood and refresh the personality of the same room as years go by (see next point) 
  • Emerald. Another popular colour this year will be emerald, which helps items pop out while refreshing the ambience of the room. Choose chairs, furniture, or simpler still, cushions, curtains, throws and art. As an added advantage, you’ll be able to change these accents at a low cost, but the effect will be dramatic. 
What are your favourite sources of décor inspiration?

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