Your Brookfield Home: The Path To Homeownership

This past Tuesday, Pathways homeowners attended the Brookfield 101 seminar

Buying a home isn’t just the single most important purchase you’ll ever make — it can also be an extremely satisfying process, provided you receive the proper guidance.

That’s why we at Brookfield Residential have implemented an educational seminar. We call it Brookfield 101, and it’s designed to help you learn about our construction and warranty process.

This past Tuesday, for example,a group of Pathways community homebuyers were invited to attend Brookfield 101. One to two hours long, a typical session provides you with the opportunity to meet your Construction and Service team (as well as your neighbours), learn about the construction and warranty process, and get answers to any questions.

Specifically, Brookfield 101 covers the following topics:

a)    What to expect during construction

b)    Municipal Inspections

c)    On site scheduled visits: Framewalk and Pre-Delivery Inspection

d)    Warrant Service: 30 day and year end service appointments

It is with great pride that we are given the opportunity to make your dreams a reality, and with that we at Brookfield Homes want to ensure that we are with you every step of the way. Thanks to all who came out to Brookfield 101 event — we hope you found ithelpful!

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